console commands

Id like to know if there are any console commands to help stop lag in garrys mod

i use Direct X 8 btw so ya…

If you’re lagging, there’s a problem with your hardware or internet connection. It’s not like concommands could fix it.

Not online just when im playing by my self on a big map.

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for great justice

stop lag

Then it’s a problem with your hardware.

I know thats why im asking if there is a my to help buying new parts or computer is not an option for now

what does it mean

I was asking if there is a way that i can run garrys mod with out little to no lag by useing the console commands like what that Ghostwork guy posted

PS.Sorry if i was not clear before

Console commands will only get you so far before you have to face the fact that your PC isn’t capable of running GMod.

The command I posted will make your game looks like shit, but almost anything can run it decently.

what the fuck

LOL ya i know.

No it screwed up the texture scaling too

Check out the far wall


It wasn’t lagging

my work

is done


Is it my ram or my video card both are shit i have 250mb or ram or so and my video can only run detract X 8.