Console: connect

Yeah, so I’d like for my server to be able to be added to the steam favorite server list by entering a subdomain of my site. How would I go about this? So far I’ve heard DNS redirect, but am unsure where to start.


Doesn’t matter anymore. (Only really worked for self-hosters).

I rent, and I didn’t understand what you were trying to get across in the first part.


When I go to make a subdomain on godaddy, this is what I get.

Do you have access to the DNS records?

Forward the subdomain to the IP address of the server (literally just put the IP address in the blank field there).


Doesn’t work that way.

Like psp401 said, you need access to the DNS records and you need to add an “A” record pointing to your server’s IP.

Well I don’t see how to do that on godaddy, but I have this on my webhost.

But it tells me that I can’t have the :27015 attached to the IP, so what now?

Every server that I have seen use this have it setup similar to this.


He’s trying to make it so that when you go to a subdomain it redirects to the steam:// url for connecting to his server. OP don’t do this.

You want to setup an A name record to the IP addresses. If your on port 27015, then you just create a subdomain, setup an A record on that subdomain to point to a different IP, like your servers, and then the subdomain acts as a mirror to that IP. You then can add on a port to the end.

I have it done with If you go to the website, it’s a development blog, but if you type connect in console, it connects.

On GoDaddy, they need to have access to the DNS records, or your host should give you full control. If not, you have a shit host most likely, and should be using URL redirection or some other service to pretend that your that website.

I actually did it with too, which is on GoDaddy. The former, ShankShock, is on

You are in the right place but A records don’t care for ports, only enter the ip address.

Your players then can use connect
Note that it can take a while for the domain to get activated and synced with the rest of the interwebs.