Console Crashing

The console crashes my game to crash, with no warning. The game freezes for a couple seconds, before quitting out with no message signifying a crash, such as ‘hl2.exe has stopped working’

This happened to me when I had DX11 enabled on my game, I set it back to defaults and it fixed it for me. Do you have a custom DX level selected?

Nope, usually a custom DX level causes the game to either fix the crashing with really bad graphical errors, or fix the graphical errors, but cause the console crashing to come back.

What I mean by graphical errors, is things like textures going pink and black, first person animations glitching into the camera and weird green, yellow and orange textures to appear on some props, to the point where the game is unplayable. They look something like this:

Uh, khakis? Do you have your GPU drivers downloaded? All the DirectX packages installed like Dx9 and so on downloaded?

I don’t have a graphics card (My computer’s basically a toaster), though I do have DirectX 11

I think GMod requires DX9 packages, I can’t remember. Although, even your intergraded graphics, do you have your drivers for it? Also how long ago did these issues start?

I’m seeing if my drivers need to update, but the issues started about a month, maybe two months ago.

I wonder if it is failing hardware? I wish you had a fresh install or a dual boot to test it on to determine it’s not Windows or something you have downloaded.

I did a fresh install not to long ago, but nothing changed.
Anyways, the drivers are all up to date, but I havent tried downloading anything with DX9. Think that would help?

To be honest, probably not. Do you have a second graphics card to test it with? Or is this a laptop?

No, I don’t, but I just did another reinstall of the game, I’ll see if anything changes.

So nothing changed, it still crashes when I press the console button.

To be quite honest, I’m not sure. Only time I had these issues was when my DXlevels weren’t the default. I can’t tell you what it is. Hopefully somebody else who who’s more knowledgeable about this can help you.

I mean, if it helps, I set my DX Level when I fresh installed, due to the graphical errors starting up.

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