Console customization ideas

I’m hoping we will see some console customizations, I’d love to customize mine.
I made some mockups to see how they would look like and I think they look fantastic! Leave your suggestions below.

Here’s the center text option displayed:

And here’s what light mode would look like:

as much as I hate lightmode, custom shit for the console would be nice


Looks great mate x
Hopefully the second style is chosen as the default.

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The console is made with CSS, so it should be easy to customize the console. Garry uploaded the console CSS code yesterday on the discord.

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Ah yes, this would be perfect.


I’m going to be honest, I made this post because of how retarded a console with centered text would look but I am getting used to it. Didn’t expect it to stick with me


Better keyword filtering for the console would be awesome and you could customise it to have like case sensitivity etc

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Aslong as there’s options it doesn’t hurt to have centered text as an alternative.

Personally I prefer left-adjusted text so my eyes don’t have to wander as far off if I’m actively developing or testing shit, but useable alternatives are always good.

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Yeah, centered text is surprisingly nice lol

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