Console garbage

The console version is a buggy unplayable game with people glitching under the map killing you killing you in safe zones abusing scrap glitches and wall glitches ext. A dude teleported to the top of the dome and killed me explain that? Double 11 is trash no help no support response in idk how long they don’t care do you or was moving this dying game to console just a cash grab like all the other “PC” ports. It’s sad

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Please try at least using the correct forum/category when you complain :slight_smile: (fixed it for you)

(unless there is a console version of s&box i dont know about)

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Exactly my point there is no communication from double 11. They have no forum and after seeing their product I kind of understand why. Have you been to the link you sent me? It’s hard to get in touch with them as they answer no emails you send them which is why I came here even though interesting enough it states on this site it offers no support for the console edition, see the pattern of BS? It’s designed to pass the puck off one person to another back to the another in a endless cycle of taking no responsibility of their crap product. Also not complaining I would like the game if it wasn’t a complete pos unfinished historic alpha version. My guess is SP don’t care either though as they probably released a console version to make up money lost from steam returns.

facepunch made literally millions in the last 6 months just from rust alone

i dont think they have money issues :eyes:

Well try googling the most refunded game in history and this pos pops up as one of the highest just because they put out a trash game and make money don’t make it ok. This game is dogshit on console and I’m contacting a lawyer over both Sony and double 11/face punchs business practices as they all give you the run around. You can return a sweater to Walmart weeks after wearing it but this pos nope no refund.

lol, yeah right, and the moon is made of cheese

good luck buddy

You say that sarcastically but they have lost cases in not so recent past for these very reasons. Back in the 70s (and even before that really) game companies were fringe no one really took them seriously as a means of revenue so they were ran and operated by those who well frankly loved and took the medium seriously and loved their art, when it became profitable that changed. It’s now ran by people who don’t even play their own games have no knowledge of their own product other than how much money it makes. Video games have become fast food, it’s sad. I miss my intellivision