Console logs from earlier days

Is there a way to bring up the things that happened in the console from earlier days or is that all deleted? At the time I had nothing logging it but was wondering if I could sort of just scroll up more or something to get to the other days.

This is really important, would be great if someone could help.

What do you mean by older days? Client or Server?

If server;
If you have ULX, all logs are stored in /data/ulx_logs.
If you had -condebug in your server’s startup params, you should see a file called console.log in the root of your server’s GMod folder.

I mean like when you press ` ingame to access the console, it comes up with who killed who, who said what, etc. and the timestamps.

I was wondering if there was a way to access what happened in the console from yesterday, client side.

No you would need to have an addon that logs that.