Console on Webpage

I need a console on my web page. One box that shows the logs. One box where you can type. Also if you type certain things, the box wouldn’t send to console and say You can’t do that. Here is an example of what I am looking for.

This would be very useful so I can manage the server from out of game, which I need to a lot.

I would also like the evolve menu to be there so I can target people and edit ranks like that. Would look like ( kinda… lol )

Well, if you want something like that then you’re going to have to go to Coderhire for it. I doubt someone would do that for cheap though.

I don’t really understand what you’re trying to accomplish though. Don’t you have a dedicated server? If you do then the Admin Panel or whatever you have will have a bunch of useful features such as a web console. It’ll probably work much better than what you want and it won’t cost you anything. You just log into your Admin Panel on your dedicated server and open the Web Console in a new tab. There, just what you wanted. You can do whatever you like, after you enter the RCon Password, of course.

The Evolve thing that you want is possible through the console anyways. The only down side is you don’t get a fancy interface, which for the price that they’re going to charge you to do something like that, is probably not worth it.

I’m assuming you’re running a local server. If you’re running a local server as a serious server for players then, that’s a really bad idea. I’m guessing that’s why you want all of this. You could just do it from your console on the local server. Unless you NEED a bunch of people to access it all the time, which is a bad idea, then I don’t see the reason behind this.

Sorry that I can’t help you, but just giving you some pointers. If you want someone that’s capable of doing that then you’re going to have to look on the website. Although, it’s not going to be cheap.

I think there is a free code for this called RCON something. Use Google. A lot of GMOD resources are free.

I did go to coderhire. They basically screamed no in my face.

There is already a web RCON if you’re paying for your hosting, and for scrds, but you’d certainly have to go to CoderHire for a new and advanced project like this.