Console problem


I have a problem with the console evry type I type something the console close automatic. When I typ one letter it just close. How can I fix this?

My friend has this, and I don’t know if he fixed it.
Have you tried disabling, restarting Garry’s Mod, then enabling?

Yeah I have this evry time, very annoying.

What console commands are you trying to do?
If you have regular ones, open garrysmod/garrysmod/cfg/autoexec.cfg.
Put any console commands you want to be run on game start up there, including bindings.

hi i kno this doesent have eneything to do with what ur talking about but my steam profile was hijacked by one of my steam friends so i wonder if eney one know eney steam hacker program to pay back???

Make your own topic… and thnx whosdr im going to try that.

You’re welcome.