Console Saying: "NULL ENTITY"

I have been worried about this thing in the console. Will this affect my gameplay?

Show us what’s on line 308

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But I wouldn’t think it would affect gameplay

had to remove the image due to imgur being a b***

Show us what you have on line 308 in autorun/server/init.lua


(couldn’t post apic cuz the uploader was a bit buggy for me)

Upload it to imgur and post a link.

We understand the error, we need to see the code that’s causing it.

Post the code on line 308 (and surrounding code)

Code just gets repetetive

We’re aware of the error. Post the CODE so we can see WHAT is causing the error and help you fix it.

I am pretty sure that this is caused by his GMod copy being borked. Try verifying game cache integrity.

Hmmm ill try that but let me do some further tests on it

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I think i might have found the problem… i don’t have the file init.lua