Console Spam Control

A toggled feature activated via console command. Basically it would stop console spam after about 2 or 3 seconds (maybe make that alterable?) and pause the scripts so you have a chance to look at the original error that is usually getting overwritten at the top.

So maybe a few console commands like:

consolespam_block 1/0 --Enables/Disables
consolespam_timer <time in seconds to wait before stopping the spam>
consolespam_haltscript 1/0 --Halt the script that the error comes from. Maybe just the function(i.e. Think())?

Just an idea. I get annoyed when I’m trying to debug my scripts and it spams so fast that I can’t find the original problem. You know, like the error shown at the very beginning when the game starts? All the spam is sometimes untraceable.

This could work, it would certainly stop flooding the spam that I also get, from LUA errors, and crappy Particles,

How can haz do thus?

I get annoyed when you are trying to find one small line of text in the console while being constantly spammed with “SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM”.


maybe an option to not display lines if the previous line is identical to them?

grea$emonkey will know what I’m talking about.

Sorry for the bump, but this could be damn useful. We’ve all been there ( And by ‘we’ i mean us Coders, :stuck_out_tongue: )

Lexic, thats a damn good idea. Stopping the console from displaying text would be a bad idea, because you’d either miss everything that was SUPPOSED to be there, or crash. Only problem i can see in that is if there are 3 slightly different errors all spamming at once, at the same rate…

Foocked if i know how to do this, and almost 100% sure it can’t be done in Lua. Perhaps ill play around with my Mod and see if i can get something working. ( After the Instancing script, ofcourse :v: )

Pausing the error reporting would be the only useful feature (So as you can track the error)

GMOD used to have an option to disable showing Lua errors, but it was removed for some reason.

I’d like to have the command back, thank you. :argh:

Would solve my issue (partially) with a built-in of GMod spamming “CROSSHAIR 1 IS BLOCKED, LOL!”

I’d like an option to disable on-screen lua spam and keep it in the console.

lua_showerrors_cl 0 ftw but it got removed when you didn’t want to see server side errors that is not your server.