Console Spam = Lag

On some servers my console get spammed and that causes few seconds of lags and freezes.
I have tried Firefox,Chrome and Opera but the problem is still there.

My System:

Win 7 64bit
i7 4770k
Gfx 780gtx
16gb RAM
Samsung 830pro SSD 128gb (OS + Firefox)
Samsung 840EVO SSD 250 GB (other games)
3TB HDD (programs, games, other stuff)
Cable 50k

Thats very annoying.

Here are pictures: pic

I think its because you have a haswell cpu wat is not good, because you have to remove the plate from the cpu and you have to apply thermal pasta.

4.5 ghz max. 60°C so its not that problem .-)
in Rust 27°C

Then you lucky as fuk!

with Steam still this problem