console spam

someones sending requests to spam my server and i need to block it its like this
Banning for rcon hacking attempts
and it spams my console any filter for that?

Ban the ip

well hes under proxy i think so he could just go under another one

normaly hacking scripts stop after a server restart, else remove the rcon pass and simple let them get bored of it

You can allways put the firewall on so they can’t use rcon or nor can you in windows firewall and you can still play just not use rcon hence you can use ulx :slight_smile:

Put on a really strong rcon pass(or just disable rcon and use a lua script) and then simply ignore it. That hacker fucker will get boared after 1000 attempts cracking your new super strong(non existing?) rcon pass



Should do the trick.

Edit: Yes, I did just type random keys really fast. What of it?

more random weird letters. i would take this:

£@$@£€£$€#""##%/¤%342343425ij34hriu34g534iu5g34iuntt#¤%#¤%werkoth349io345#¤%fjweirotjhi34f £$@$@£sfrkwehf beu3£$@$8jkljsf\_#"__¤23432¨jhufgweufyweg2zzsfuigefieh3u349534 8ht8 7ity34o98v3y4tu938th403t43t43#¤¤#%#ygiejrtu34950%¤YWB%YW¤YW¤%$$€$

sv_rcon_maxfailures 2
sv_rcon_banpenalty 1440

Though, if you’re really paranoid.

[lua]-- We don’t want an rcon password longer than 300 characters as after 300 characters, you get server errors.
local password = “”
for i = 1 , 250 do
for c = 65 , 127 do
password = password…string.char©

Or use a Sha1 hash.

That is genius

What does that do?

It makes a random password for you. Uncrackable little thing


Actually not fully random. but long enough

The code I wrote earlier sucks. A reason why not to write code while tired.

[lua]local password = “”

for i = 1 , 250 do
local random = math.random(65 , 126)
password = password…string.char(random)