Console Strip Weapons

Hello, I been looking for a while now & cant find it.
What is the console command to strip yourself of all weapons?
I’m tryign to make it ever so slightly more kid friendly.

I normally strip weapons by the Anti-Noclip tool, but thats inconvenient, since I have to spawn an object & set the property every map load.

I want to bind something like “strip weapons; give weapon_physgun; give gmod_tool; god” to a key, but I cant find the command for stripping the weapons.

Thanks for reading.

Removing weapons(All of one weapon type in an entire map) can be done with “ent_fire weapon_name kill”.
Or if you want to remove all weapons “ent_fire weapon_* kill”

sweet, thanks.

It works like a boss.

Do you know if modified AND/OR custom CFGs persist through steam cloud? It be nice if I dont need to back it up for multiple machines.
Its been a long time since I played with scripts, but mine are gone now, so I think not. The cloud could have changed though.

For future searches…
If anyone wants the commands on one key:

alias +kidSafe "ent_fire weapon_* kill; ent_fire gmod_* kill"
alias -kidSafe "god; give weapon_physgun; give gmod_tool"

bind k +kidSafe

1] Change “k” to any key you want
2] Stick this in a cfg in the cfg folder
3] Execute the cfg in game, if its not auto-executed
4] Press the bound key in game

I used alias for the delay since it wont work in 1 command. If theres a “pause” command, that would be nice to share with us.