Console stuff.

There was a post just a minute ago about console stuff / controller etc. I wonder why it was banned. Because writting as a reason that it’s a crap thread BECAUSE garry said it’s going for consoles seems like really cheap answer. I suppose he was asking WHY they focus on console stuff now when there is so much to do with almost nothing to go for the consoles. And people complain about other users that they are mostly trolls and being unhelpfull … and then you see a moderator doing such stuff. Shame.

I can answer any console questions you have. Your question seems to be, why bother?

Because we can. Because we want to play Rust on our TV with the Steam Box. Because we want to sell it on the XBone and PS4, because we’re a business and there’s demand.

Are there objections to that?

Hm. No, that was not my question.
I can understand that You simply want to make more money - thats cool.
Maybe some of it will go for the game development - which is even better.
I was asking WHY there are moderators like SteveUK who is simply … unfriendly.
I suppose the answer will be - Because he can be like that?

The moderators ban people that make content-less threads. Threads purely to moan, without offering anything.

Hm. Ok. For me it was just another simple question about development of Rust. Maybe it wasn’t put in a nice way but still … I guess it’s better than ANOTHER thread about Dinosaurs. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway thank You for the answer.

Might as well jump in here.

I didn’t realise you guys were working on this for xbox and ps4… Makes me very sad.

Minecraft did this, their updates became slower and less frequent… and when we did get them, they were shit.

Hopefully you guys just focus on PC until we get at least a 50% complete game.

That’s what I was hoping for also Dewm.

Check this, I made a game that is 5% complete and instead of progressing with development like any normal developer would do, I decided to be a hungry hamplanet and started developing it for consoles because my 30 billions of zimbabwean dollars is just not enough to buy all these golden menoras needed for my synagogue.

Any similiarities to RUST are not intentional, I’m talking about my game. Like, really.

Hey Garry,

Thanks for the response in the forums. Quick question:

If you do port Rust over to the Consoles: Steam Box, PS4, Xbox one, will the Rust servers be cross platform so everyone is still playing on the same hosted servers, or will each console get their own hosted servers?

I’ve seen talk in the gaming industry of trying to get global servers across all platforms going but haven’t really seen it done/done well yet. Just a thought


I can understand that Consoles make good Money again and that would be nice, but only if you will take the Money and get more developers. I think the game is great but the process is a bit slow.
But my opinion is useless anyway becasue im not a developer and i dont understand anything about your Business.
I just hope that my thoughts are not that retarded.

So, I made another post, and removed it when I saw this. I expected a lot of hate about my point, but apparently people agree with me. Here was my post:

With a small team, why are they exploring consoles when they barely have enough time and people to keep the primary project moving forward? I’m not trying to slam Garry’s team, but with the increased sales, they have had to spend time on new challenges: more servers, prevalence of cheats, etc. Do they really need to be, so early in development, starting a side by side port of this game for consoles? It feels a little bit like a money grab. It would make more sense for this to be done when the game is much further along in development.

I know I will get a lot of hate for this post, but everyone says “the game is in Alpha, 10%, blah blah”, so if that is the main argument, developing for consoles in parallel is only going to slow down both. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on one, then expand once it’s further in development?

Facepunch is a business, of course it’s a money grab. They are hiring new devs, I’m sure the process will pick up eventually.

Garry, Why not open a Bug Tracker for Rust instead of returning to this kind of debate that leads nowhere?

I just don’t know what incentive there is for them to finish, as developers, if they sell millions on PC, millions more on consoles, and the game isn’t even remotely close to BETA. If I got 10 million dollars up front to do something, I know I’d not work near as hard if I got paid 10 million upon completion. Just being honest.

Things like console controls are honestly one of the first things they should work on, that’s underlying engine/architecture work. My roommate and I are working on an isometric rpg and the first thing that was worked on after basic graphical work was to add in the backend for really customizable controls and key bindings, controllers worked right away, and we had n-key combinations for bindings available (So you could have for instance qwerty as a keybind, which may not be totally useful but it’s still neat ha).

It will more than likely cause them less headaches and work to do it now, than to go back and do it later.

Maybe you’re right, and I would DEFINITELY lose some of my gusto if I made that much money.

But I like to think that Garry and Co. are better people than I, I don’t think they would leave us hanging, especially with something as promising as Rust is turning out to be.

It’s really not slowing Rust’s development down at all. it’s something we’re keeping in mind when developing, and being careful to make decisions that work for everything.

It’s slowing us down about the same amount as making Mac and Linux versions.

Is there a thought on integrating console players with pc players? Or is that generally a bad idea among the gaming community? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think this will work (very well).

If you truly believe in your game and want as many people as possible to play it (money is nice, too), then I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to keep console development in mind. Perfectly OK with this.