Console Troubles

Okay, so whenever I’m testing cool addons, or messing around with my friends testing things. I go to my own little sandbox server. now when I go into my console and I type:
load1 it says :

Server cvar ‘sv_allowcslua’ changed to 1
Couldn’t include file ‘includes\modules\cat.lua’ (File not found) (@LuaCmd (line 1))

[ERROR] LuaCmd:1: Module not found!

  1. require - [C]:-1
  2. unknown - LuaCmd:1

Do you notice how it says clearly 1. require - [C]:-1 2. unknown - LuaCmd:1
What does this mean. I need to know because I was watching a video on YouTube and the guys console did not say this.
Please someone on the Forums help me!

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Can someone please respond. Anything at this point is helpful