Constant BSODs

Recently, I have been having BSODs (Blue screens of death) far too frequantly. I’ve un-installed all addons, killed background proccesses, yet it still happens. I’ve even tried using a different OS (I’m currently on 7, but when I switch to XP, it is a memory error I get instead of a BSOD)

System specs:

AMD 64 3400 + 2.20 GHz
Windows 7 // Windows XP

I’ve updated my drivers as far as possible, but support ran out for them a couple of years ago, and since Windows 7 is incompatible with some of them, I’ve had to rely on the WDDM driver.

It happens any time between just launching the game, and 30 minutes into the game, but only while in GMod. Nothing else has caused a crash or any kind since I installed 7.

I know my specs are pretty low; but it hasn’t caused any problems before. I’ve been considering buying a new PC, but I’ve been thinking it is possibly a problem with GMod rather than my PC. I’ve read the mdump crash files, although most of them seem irrelevant, and the BSOD didn’t even seem to trigger it to write the files in the first place.

Any ideas?

Did you try a 100% full reinstall of Gmod? Delete gcf file, the GMod folder, and launch GMod.

Since the installations on XP and 7 are on different HDs, I presume this isn’t the problem. Will try it tomorrow though.

What graphics card do you have?

Could have faulty memory, I had that, troubled me for years, gave up, got new memory eventually, and it solved my problems.

256 MB ATI Radeon 9800 XT

I hope it isn’t hardware problems; I could do without having to buy a new PC. I’ll probably have to look into it though.

Edit: I’ve come to the conclusion that my system got fried by a thunderstorm a couple of days ago. Will be buying a new one :confused:

BSOD’s are caused by faulty drivers, not a faulty system.

Do you use any sound cards? wireless devices?

Basic sound card, only a wireless mouse. I’ve decided it was the thunderstorm that I was stupid enough to keep my PC on through that caused it. It shut down three times before I gave up, and I think that did enough damage. I’ll probably order a new PC today.

Wireless drivers, check em.

A mouse driver is going to cause BSODs? I really doubt that somehow.

In fact, I think they stopped supporting my mouse years ago, since the company went bust.

Hey, I figured a wireless adapter wouldn’t cause a BSOD, and it did.

Go figure.