Constant Connection Problem

For the past week and a half I’ve been getting this really annoying message saying ‘Not Found’ when I try and connect to the website. Can’t really tell from what I’ve read in this section of the forum. Mostly steam connection issues while this is a website connection issue. My connection is strong, I just installed a fresh version of windows, and my browsers cache is clean. I do manage to get on for about a minute then when I refresh/ change pages it gives me the same error.

I’ve experienced this With Chrome, IE, FireFox, Opera, on my other desktops as well as this one.

Anyone have any solutions?

Get the same error, very, VERY frustrating.

From what I heard is you got to have the WWW before the sitename, otherwise it gives me this stupid error message.

I’d probe the Help/Support section, as they are the ones who answer questions.

yo wrong section

Actually this was in the ‘’ section and for some reason got moved here when the ‘’ section got removed.

Well, to fix the problem, just add “www.” to the beginning of the URL after http[s]://, so it reads as such:

I was having the same issue a while back, and that fixed it right up.

Yea I knew it, still, it has never happened before, and I don’t wanna write www. infront everytime.