Constant Crash Problem

Okay so I got Garrysmod today along with Counterstrike Source and Half Life 2, all of which I got via Steam. But whenever I open Garrysmod, if I spawn more than just a few NPCs the game crashes and a window pops up saying ‘‘HL2.exe is not responding’’ before closing the game. I don’t know what to do about this, so I’m turning to you guys. Any suggestions?

Btw, I got banned for posting this in the wrong forum, which seems pretty unfair since it was my first ever post and getting banned for asking for help in the wrong place seems a little extreme.

System Specs, Addons (if any).

What do you mean?

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Actually, now the problem’s gotten even worse. Now when I just open Garrysmod it shows the same ‘‘HL2.exe is not responding’’ every time.

What are your computer specs? RAM, graphics card, etc. If you don’t know, you can download a program such as Speccy which will tell you.

I don’t know but I’ve had Garrysmod for ages. I redownloaded it a week or so ago and then I instantly got this problem, before there were no problems. The only big change my computer’s had was me installing the newest Internet Explorer. Would that affect Garrysmod?

download Speccy (its free!) from then take a picture of the results, or type them out. Make sure to include CPU, RAM, and Video Card

Actually it’s working perfectly now, the lads from PC World fixed it!