Constant Crash Rust Server Created

Hello Viewers,

Just need some words of help from those who are already experienced. These are my first days running on having a server in Rust and today I’ve been slowly updating my plug ins on rust because of the new version. I would delete the plug in and install the new one, so forth with the rest. Until later on at some point I have already received around 10 - 14 crashes and noticed the file manager on my admin panel in streamline servers are creating folders indicating on the time to when we all crashed usually showing up with “2014-02-26 randomnumber” as the title of the folder and each containing a crash.dmp, error.log, output_log.txt, report.ini file. I also noticed a separate file saying “crash_rust_server_numbers.mdmp”

I am using OXIDE and yes I have updated that to the latest version too as well.

Is there anyone who could at least tell me what is probably happening? I really would like to sort out the problem and not make my server crash anymore. I will help and provide details on whats needed, I also would like to learn to know what’s the problem.

Thanks ahead for those who will try to help me out, I appreciate your efforts. :downs:

Backup everything you currently have (Your world save, player data, plugins, plugin data). Start with a new world & no plugins. Run Oxide with a fresh world with no plugins loaded. If you continue to crash, remove oxide. If you the continue to crash, send your dumps & .ini’s to your GSP.

If removing your plugins fixes the crash, start adding plugins one by one until you find which causes the crashes & report it to the author.

You can also try to figure out what is triggering your crashes (is it players joining, chatting, building, destroying, etc. etc.)

Also, you may want to check out the Oxide forums & post there.