Constant crashes after Halloween update?

Hi i’ve been having constant crashes since the Halloween update, from what i can see I am not the only person with this problem. Although some people crash only once I can see that the issue persists for others including me.

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same problem here game constantly crashing and one of my friends cant even connect he gets EAC authentication error

Is there any fixes or news out about it?

Same problem for me :frowning: Yesterday I had multiple crashes, and then at some point I could play for a couple hours. When I logged back on today, I have the same issue. Keeps crashing a few seconds after getting in to my server. I have also tried basicly every Rust Crash fix there is out there. All started after the Halloween patch. Hopefully there will be a fix for this soon?

Hello, I was browsing some comments about this issue on the steam forums. One guy wrote that he changed audio settings in Rust, and it fixed the problem. I thought it was stupid, but figgured id give it a try. It acutally worked (for now), my game didnt crash after doing it.

what I did was (in Rust) go to options - Audio - speakermode. Click the right arrow until you get to the last option. Then the left arrow all the way back to where it stops (to stereo and one more click on the left arrow).

Hope this works for you guys aswell.

Hi ve have the same problem. But the most interesting that it hapen’s who play on amd. My friend playing on intel and he doesn’t have any problem )