"Constant crashing" caused by too many addons

I’ve been told the more addons on my server, the more often it will crash (especially when someone joins.)

If I were to combine these addons, my load times will have decreased, and if I were to just put them into the GMod root instead of placing them as addons, the load times will have decreased more.

Does this theory affect servers as well? What if I either put them all into the GMod root or combined them into one Server Addon Pack serverside - would that make it crash less?

The reason I ask is because even though under a reputable host (Low-Pings.net) and loving their server, I’ve noticed the more addons that go on, the more crashes it goes through, and the slower the automatic restart kicks in. This is absolutely horrible as it is a public server with a low ping, so people see it near the top of their list. It also runs gm_bigcity, which I’ve noticed is a pretty popular map.

Is there any way other than just not having so many addons to reduce crashing? The biggest problem is they can’t just be removed, the server would have to be fully reinstalled for the crashiness they brought to go away.


The crashing caused by addons when someone joins (StringTable Overflow: Lua BaseFileNames or similar) are caused by too many lua files. Even if you put every file into gmod directly (which I can suggest: My server starts much faster with this method compared to addons being in /addons), the total amount of luas is not reduced - so neither is the crashing propability.
Uninstall unecessary addons with much lua overhead is my suggestion instead (LifeSupport and such).

Roger that, that will be worked on. I will talk with the clan and ask which addons we should uninstall/can do without.