Constant Crashing

My Garry’s Mod lately has been acting up by crashing every 2-5 minutes, it makes it impossible to play servers and its quite annoying.
Can anyone help?

Idk ever since I got the game last January I crash in about 50% of all servers at retrieving server info or in game. For me it’s due to certain props and materials people spawn/use. I’m a Mac user too idk if things are different or what. It’s really frickin’ frustrating when friends invite you to games and you crash when joining and can’t join the server; or that I always crash on all the good servers.

I don’t usually crash while loading I normally crash while ingame. I am walking around and I just crash.

Have you installed any new addons lately?

I haven’t installed any new addons since 2010.
Although I did go play a new server and I didn’t crash at all. Is it possible its the server?

Possibly, I doubt it though, what addons do you have at the moment?

Any leftover PHX?

I believe I deleted the old PHX files.
It might be best to just delete all my stuff and start over considering I have over 5 gigs of maps alone.

Try putting your Video settings in the Options menu down to lowest

I did a full reset on my game and I loaded up and still crashed.
When I lowered everything to low it no longer crashes, but it now looks like ass.
There a reason why I should keep it low or is it just coincidence?

What is your computer specs?

Nvidia GTX 275
Q950 Quadcore 2.8Ghz
8 Gigs of RAM

Just started crashing yet again even with everything low.

Hmmm… Have you been watching a lot of like you know…? I don’t really want to get ban or something for saying it but it starts with p and ends with n and the other 2 letters are o and r.

Edit: And be honest, This is serious!

Lol sure I watch a lot of pr0n, but that doesn’t affect Garry’s Mod…

It can…

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Does it only crash on that server?

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When did it start crashing every 2-5 minutes?


Seems to be the case, but I don’t play enough anymore to know

This has been going on for 3 weeks.