Constant DDoS or DoS.

I’m not one who understands all this DDoS and DoS crap, but our Community Leader (And I believe Server hoster) has gone for a while, and we are repeatedly being DDoS’d and have been for a while now.

We just start to lag, and eventually we all leave, DDoS’er keeps at it for a long time, then stops. Sometimes when he stops a few of us rejoin and it starts again.

Any particular way to find out the IP of a DDoS’er or to fight back/prevent them?

what server host?

It’s just so sad to hear when people or communities are getting DDoS’d. It’s just so immature of the attacker.

DDoS wouldn’t cause lag (par voice lag). Eventually the server’s line would become saturated and you would all time out, or you wouldn’t notice it at all.

Or the attack gets targeted straight at the servers’ port, and you all time out at once.

Cheers for the info, I don’t know much about it. What I can tell you isd that we don’t all time out at once. It just sort of lags. Chat doesnt come up for ages, movements are laggy and pullback, and you can’t open containers etc. People can leave whenever they want, etc.

Any ideas?

It was XenonServers or something, but they dropped us because we got so much DDoS or whatever we’re getting. Not sure who it is now.

Xenon is a bad choice, used to be good.

Bump for if anyone can assist me.

Hi Lewy (if you mind me calling you that),

If you have access, look at the server logs or console for additional information. My past communities have been DoS attacked before, look for a repeated IP or packet receive. When your ‘leader’ or head of management returns, I suggest getting something to log activity to a safe, shared location for your community.

Just don’t fight back either, the attacker is probably someone who’s quite immature and selfish. Attacking back wouldn’t make you any different, though if you know the attacker in real life (and not behind the internet) then you could get into legal matters as [D]DoS attacks are illegal.

Hey mate, cheers for the response.

I’ll get him to make it all record into a secured file or something, and then we can go over it on the next attack. Cheers.

password the servers so no one joins.
get the IP’s of the infected computers attacking
null route them

Or you could try a few sourcemod addons, I was being DDoS’d and used this addon And the DDoS stopped

Then it was a source query DoS not a DDoS.