Constant error i keep gettin on my

yeah, i’ve really just ignored it the ENTIRE time i’ve had Gmod, but now i just can’t take it anymore.

I constantly keep getting this text in the upper right corner of the screen and in the console:

autorun/client/b620adf3.lua:14: attempt to index upvalue ‘mp_keepragdolls’ (a nil value)

This has been happening ever since the first first addon pack i got when i first got gmod, so i’m sorry i can’t give any info on what might be causing it.

or is there some sort of command that can just disable that from comming up or a command that can do something similair?

I’m just tired of this thing screwing up my time on the servers…

What was the first addon? Goremod? maybe get rid of it.

if its in the addons i’ll take care of it when i get back from class.

oh and sorry for the ridiculoustitle, i’m a fast typer and i occasionaly forget to type in a word ^_^’