constant frames for 30 minutes, then unplayable

alright so i have a decent rig, amd radeon 6850 2GB DDR5 with 6 GB ram and an intel quad core 2.something ghz
ive been able to run rust for a constant 50 frames for a long time now, and with the last three updates, it seems something has gone wrong

for about 30 minutes (50 with dx9?) i am able to run the game as previously said, but then it simply starts to fuckin chug along at around 19 frames. it also freezes every couple of seconds for either a moment or up to two or at the most five minutes. im wondering if anyone else is having this issue. ive tried:
turning all my settings down
turning all my settings down and then back up
reinstalling the game
push through the laggy bit

there are also instances where, on savas, lets say ive killed a bunch of naked boys as well as boys with guns
before the lag seems to happen, around the 25 minute mark, a single gunshot towards my face will make me freeze for two minutes (even though ive been shot at before) as well as shooting other people

is the fact that i have about 100 GB free on my 1 TB hard drive the issue? im getting rid of a lot of files right now to see, as well as for my own sake
i just havent found any fixes for this and it is rather annoying cause i wanna play my videogames damnit

Sounds like memory leak.

as stated, sounds like memory leak… while running the game, try check how much of your RAM is being used, check when you start playing on a server and again when it start to become an issue to play.

it seems that switching to dx9 as well as setting the graphics settings from max then restarting in simple fixes it

It is definetly a memory leak.
This happens to me too, and I have to relog or restart my PC every 40 minutes or so
I have 4 gigs of RAM, the more ram you have the longer you can play, also note the devs claimed the leak was fixed but I definetly dont see it happening, and this has been going on since update 78 if im correct

I went from 6 gigs of mem usage starting off, about an hour or less later I was reaching 9 gigs.

Running 16gb of RAM so this isn’t that big of a deal for me.