Constant stream of unhandled usermessages in console

System hardware specs

  • Intel Core 2 Quad CPU @2.00 GHz
  • 6 GB RAM
  • ATI Mobility Radeon 4650
  • Vista Home Premium

Addons you have installed

  • SVN - Wiremod, Stargate mod, Gcombat extended, wiremod unofficial addons
  • Downloaded: PHX3, SBEP, a few other stools and such that I can’t remember

I’m getting an endless stream of Warning: Unhandled usermessage ‘DSEnd’ when I start a server; it wasn’t doing this last night, and I haven’t downloaded any new addons, though I did have to download a few Lua files from some Trouble in Terror Town server I joined. It doesn’t seem to be affecting anything, but it makes it hard to read stuff in the console. Any ideas?


is it simply JUST and ONLY that error you are getting? and is this a roleplay server by any chance, or does it happen on any game mode??


oh, and do you have any restrictions due to this, or things that you cannot do, you could do before? admin commands maybe?


oh, AND are you getting them on the ingame console, or the remote console, or both? and is it only when you start you own server?

In-game console, sandbox game mode; theres another unhandled usermessage, but it is hard to get a glimpse of; it pops up about 50 times, but then starts streaming the other one so fast, that it is hard to catch. This is a listen server by the way, sometimes me and a friend or two play together… I also just discovered that E2 isn’t working now, not sure why. I may just be better off doing a clean install of gmod.

For some reason datastream is failing, or something along those lines, it happened to me also.

so did you manage to fix it?