Constantly Crashing

Alright I was just gonna deal with it but its getting out of hand. I crash when I go in the textures menu, I crash when I spawn certain props I’m now crashing 3 minutes into online play. I haven’t tried reinstalling because of my addons. This all started happening about 3 months ago when I got Wire and PHX. Any ideas why its doing this?

Try re-installing, or at least renaming your GMod folder to see if it does it on a clean install

why not remanme you garrysmod folder (inside you steam name folder) to garrysmod-2 , start up garrysmod again , and close it , coppy all you addons into your new garrys mod folder , and all should go good.



How much RAM do you have? Is Windows utilizing all of it? It might have failed, this seems like something that would happen with low RAM.

How old is your computer?
How many addons do you have?

You solved it. Thanks.

Now move any non-useless addons in your old addons folder into your new addons folder.
Same with maps and shit