Constantly losing my items?

I logged off about an hour ago and 15 minutes ago my friend told me our whole base got raided and blew up, so i logged on about half an hour later and ive died… How long does my body stay there for after ive logged off? It seems a bit stupid if it lasts 45 minutes since i hadn’t logged on since a couple minutes ago… This has happened to me twice now and ive lost all my crap.

It stays forever; if you want to avoid that you need a server with No sleepers

No sleepers? What i don’t understand
Also why would it say forever, thats really unfair.

Welcome to Rust.

It’s not unfair lol. The biggest issue being that what people would do if they heard people outside they would take all of their loot out of their crates and log off with it, making 90% of raids unsuccessful which is why when you log off your character sleeps so you can’t do that bullshit anymore.

it seems that way but its not, basically you either need to make a very good base or you have to play on a no sleepers like nite said, garry put it in because people were getting angry at the fact that people could just log off and keep all their item when the person raiding had to use alot of their item to get nothing in return

Unfair? Unfair is when you are playing a game fighting someone and then this person see the defeat near, logout and his caracter just teleports to limbo.

Whats no sleepers, i dont understand.
I’d understand if it was like 15-30 minutes so you cant combat log and if you heard someone trying to raid your base you couldnt immediatly log off but forever is stupid.

The default RUST setting is you are on a PvP server where you can die from being shot/attacked by other players and when you log off your avatar/player “goes to sleep” where it is and your body is left unprotected. The remedy to this is to build an impenetrable house or hide out in the middle of no where on the map when you want to log off.

The alternative is to find a server that says “No Sleepers” or “Sleepers off” which allows you to log off and leave your body protected, as it vanishes when you log off. Otherwise your body stays where you logged off and can be killed and looted.


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For what it’s worth; I hate sleepers. I ended up building a whole house around someone who was sleeping on a foundation outside of my house once, because it was simply unfair that they could have been killed while logged off. I only play on that one server though; so I hope that next time they will learn.

Well, when some bastard comes on to my server at 2AM when it’s empty and raids my base when I’m not online…that’s a load of bullshit. Right now, raids are 100% successful with no such thing as failure. The bandits are being constantly rewarded with no balance on the other side of the team. My server is losing a HUGE player base due to this fact. It’s just stupid that no matter where you build your base…the bandits always find it and always have a way of breaking in. We need to get this balanced and stop the constant raiding, because honestly…my server will be empty by the time the last of the players have been raided.

Edit: I have done some raiding myself too. I personally think it’s a cheap method of getting supplies and it punishes the other guy severely.

I agree with the poster , my time is precious and all I have done in 2 days of rust is build up 3 houses to have them permanently ransacked by marauding groups while im logged off.

Im a community player and want to join a group of people but due to the fact houses are p1ss easy to get into and ruin this has been impossible.

I love the game but houses need to be more secure period or I wont give much more time to this game

That’s not the case in vanilla Rust. So… yeah

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There is a server out there; who I would like to promote, but won’t directly for fear of attracting the raid happy folks that mostly caters to that playstyle (it even has a name that caters to it, if you know what PvP folks call PvE’rs)