constantly seeing errors and no textures

whenever i try to play online, 90% of what i see is black and purple textures and error props! do i need to buy all valves source games?

NOTE: I tried to install that thing that would let me put anything in there with all the L4D itemz and stuff that was posted on here, whatever it was, and it didnt work…

Do you have PHX and Wire Model Pack?

PHX? what is that? you mean this?

as for wiremod, i am downloading it as i post…


mods, can you move this thread to the garrys mod help section and delete this post requesting it?

Do you have Counter Strike: Source? Just about every gamemode/map uses stuff from it.

No he doesn’t. That’s your problem right there.

Lego, don’t even think about downloading PHX or wire from the site. get the SVN.

I only own portal and TF2. no CSS. can someone give me a link to this PHX thing? I installed wiremod… and it works i think…

If you got it from, delete it. Google “PHX3 SVN” and follow the instructions, then do the same for wiremod and download the MODEL PACK (which you’ll find when you SVN download it).