constantly timeing out

whenever i try to join a server i get the timed out bug. it never gets any better and i cant connect to any server at all! i have tried this:reinstalling addons.

How about posting your specifications on your computer and internet connection?
Have you tryed reinstalling Gmod?

It means you have a bad connection. Have DSL by any chance?

No, i’ve been getting this problem to. And I always have a good connection, I Hosted a freakn Left 4 Dead 2 Server this morning and evryone’s ping was low.

So I have a feeling its a File related problem.

I get the same problem, the server I connect to is literally next to me. I run a dedicated from an old tower I have in my bedroom so I could control everything and I can’t connect because every time I do I time out. I run a vista home premium HP AMD Athlon X2 dual core 2.56 gigahertz laptop with a Nividia GEforce 8200 graphics card, I was able to run for a long time then suddenly it just stopped working only for me. I can’t connect to any server unless I download files from it first.

I’m guessing it’s something to do with steam.