Constellations for night navigation.

Even if you have a detailed knowledge of the map, it’s still very easy to get turned around at night. I think adding constellations into the night sky would be a good way to navigate, especially when the sky is at one point the only visible thing.

I don’t think this idea has been explored well enough.

I like it. I’m all for it.

I’ve played for quite a bit and I still find myself lost from time to time, especially at night.

Awesome idea.

I think this was brought up, either in Trello or in an interview. They were going to add a handful of obvious constellations like the Big Dipper to help people keep their bearings.

Once you get used to the map it’s not that bad, but this will be a HUGE help to new players.

if you look at the moon in the sky long enough you can see it move against the back drop of the stars.

Its way easier to navigate at night using the moon than in the day looking at the sun.

Please, if you are living far in the land(away from big cities, and constant light source at the night), please step outside in the middle of the night, then walk for about 20 minutes into somekind of a wilderness(for example a forrest) and then try to find your way back to home by looking up into sky.
(please keep the game realistic)

How would adding a night sky in for navigation make the game unrealistic? It would be nice to have a solid reference for north. Nobody walk out into the woods at midnight by yourself. This is a terrible idea.

Are you daft? I live in the middle of the woods and can easily navigate using the stars. It doesn’t take a genius, just a Boy Scout.

This occurred to me the other day as well, thanks for bringing it up. I think a high-resolution night sky with constellations would go a long way to adding realism to the game. Having them move through the sky at night would also be pretty cool.

I agree that the day/night cycle is currently short enough that you can track the moon and get your bearings that way in just a few seconds, so my reason for supporting this is mostly for aesthetics.


Yes, everyone can navigate by using stars, stars telling you where is your house and etc.(SARCASM)

Really ? Do you not understand what he is trying to say ?

Its really easy to learn some constellations, where i live we have the Southern Cross which easily identifies which way is South. Just because you have no knowledge of it don’t assume no one else does.

(And how the hell is having a sky not realistic ? Have you not looked up recently?)

I doubt he has left his basement in many years. My father taught me to follow the stars as a kid in case I ever got lost hunting or hiking. There was a lot of other stuff though like moss mostly grows on the northern side of rocks and trees (but doesn’t always) and how to make a compass out of a needle, some silk and a leaf. You can also always follow running water because running water leads to civilization.

I for one plan on setting up my next house in Rust near water to give myself a stronger landmark.

I don’t have trouble getting around at night, but the stars definitely could use a make over. Why not add constellations? It would be a nice break in an otherwise featureless night sky.

If they implement a craftable compass then that would be preferable to navigating by stars since it would work in both daylight and starlight.

I’m not saying I don’t think it’s a good idea. I think it would be awesome to navigate by constellations. I would just rather have a compass first.

A craftable compass is plausible. It’s very easy to construct a rudimentary compass using the resources already in-game plus string, or a small container of water.