constrain.Rope problem (Vectors)

So I’m trying to make a rope go from one person’s hand to the other hand. I got that down.

However, when I make the function run to make the constraint rope, they get a swep that becomes active with a “normal” holdtype (Both hands at their side).

My problem is the rope gets the position of the bones like they are both at the side of the person body. Is there a way to get the position of the bones based on the angle the bones are manipulated at? Or any other solutions?

   local RBS = {}
   RBS.LHand = ply:LookupBone("ValveBiped.Bip01_L_Hand")
   RBS.RHand = ply:LookupBone("ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand")

    ply:ManipulateBoneAngles(RBS.LShoulder, Angle(25,0,0))
    ply:ManipulateBoneAngles(RBS.RShoulder, Angle(-25,0,0))
    ply:ManipulateBoneAngles(RBS.LUpArm, Angle(-10,0,0))
    ply:ManipulateBoneAngles(RBS.RUpArm, Angle(10,0,0))
    ply:ManipulateBoneAngles(RBS.LFArm, Angle(50,0,0))
    ply:ManipulateBoneAngles(RBS.RFArm, Angle(-50,0,0))
    ply:ManipulateBoneAngles(RBS.LHand, Angle(0,-15,70))
    ply:ManipulateBoneAngles(RBS.RHand, Angle(0,-15,-70))

   local function JSBoneVec(num) -- Returns the vector instead of angle and vector
        local vec, ang = ply:GetBonePosition(num)
        return vec

    -- Makes a nice "rope" bewtween the two hands.
        ply, -- Marks ent starting
        ply, -- Marks ent ending
        0, -- Ragdoll shit
        0, -- Ragdoll shit
        ply:LocalToWorld(JSBoneVec(RBS.LHand)), -- Left hand pos
        ply:LocalToWorld(JSBoneVec(RBS.RHand)), -- Right hand pos
        JSBoneVec(RBS.LHand):Distance(JSBoneVec(RBS.RHand)), -- Gets distance from left hand to right hand
        0, -- 0 Add length
        0, -- Make it unbreakable
        10, -- Width of rope
        "cable/rope" -- Materail of the rope

I’d suggest

render.DrawBeam Because I don’t think you can constraint ropes to players without hacking

Didn’t I just say I could?

Using constraints like that is just bad practice ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Well, I’d rather use it like that. Using the client side drawbeam means I’ll have to network. I don’t want to network.

An easy way of doing it would just be


Since it also allows you do do more shit

Yea, but I would network back and forth for everyone to see it.

I updated the problem btw, I have a new problem now.

Yeah, you shouldn’t use constraints like that. It is still networked internally, so I don’t know what you’re trying to save, exactly.

w/e Guess I’ll use drawbeam