Constraining point_viewcontrol

I have parented point_viewcontrol to physics object (ball) and also set ‘entity to look at’ to it. I’ve already managed that pvc parenting must be activated via input while ‘entity to look at’ is set. However camera doesn’t work properly because ball is spinning around making view very chaotic, therefore I want to constrain camera’s rotation, allowing only progressive movement. Maybe someone has experience with these entities: Constraint

How do you make the ball spin?

It rolls on track cause of the gravity.

Does camera even look at the target properly? Last time I checked parenting point_viewcontrol AND setting “Entity to look at” breaks it.

Yes, of course. You must use input “set_parent” somehow, because when you just type parent’s name in properties, hammer deletes camera on map spawn.

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I’ve edited first post because it wasn’t clear that I want to stop rotation of the camera (not the ball). If I would stop ball’s rotation it could only moves by small friction?

You could do phys_timescale or cl_phys_timescale?

you could try some ghetto setup using logic_measure_movement. I’d whip up an example vmf but I’m a bit busy.

I’ve tried that already and it switch view to the center of the ball and it’s still rotating. I think it has other purposes like mimics movement of another entity. But I might be doing something wrong so you could still try making an example.