Constraint tools are broken?

All my constraint tools are broken. Weld, pulley, slider, all of them. I get the LUA error something about LUA.93.
I was installing wiremod with SVN and had to move files so I basicly moved all the folders into addons which also put SVN. folder in which I think has caused this problem somehow. Or maybe…I don’t know. Just LUA.93 is apparently not working and I can build nothing because the constraint tools are connected to it. Anyone have any ideas?

If you could atleast tell me where LUA.93 is I might somehow be able to fix it, or make it worse since I don’t do LUA programming =/

Did you load up a save?

nvm, I fixed it. Deleted the SVN that managed to get into the main area of addons folder, then started up new game instead of load. thnx for idea nardix