Construct Lake House

Yes, yes, I know blastdoors dumb, PHX amazing. I hate PHX, and this uses blastdoors (and other vanilla props.) ** BUT BEFORE YOU START RANTING ** watch the video, the blastdoors aren’t nearly as obvious. Many of them are covered with holograms.

If the link isn’t working:

At Resquest of AbuseTeamRobot, I furnished it really quickly and uploaded pictures.
I’m going on vacation for a week, but when I get back I’ll furbish it nicer and update the thread.


Even if you're totally bashing it, please comment! 


Pretty intense music for a video about a building at the beginning.

The overall design is nice though. Lots of features, and a smooth look.

It needs STUFF in it though. What you showed us is an empty container.

Loving that eject feature

Here, I’ll go stuff some CS:S props and some DoD:S props in there and take some pictures for you.

No, you need more effort than that, be like iosekki (I forgot how he spells his name) and do the detail yourself, not just slapping a prop here and there and calling it good.

Aww, but I’m running out of time before I go on vacation for a week. I’ll fix it up when I get back and update the thread.

Buy a laptop >:C
neat house needs weapons

What I like about it is that it doesn’t look like any old ordinary prop-house, but rather a small bunker with a few hidden passage-ways and wire functions. Cool enough.

You know, you could just get into mapping. Just saying.

Also I know I’ve said that the blast doors ruin your stuff before, but I figured out what it was this time. It’s that horrible horrible grey material that you use for every single one of your buildings. It just looks awful.

I agree with the above. Use a brick material for the outer walls or something.

I really like the weapon storage,

Still don’t like the blastdoors and I think if you cover them up with holograms you might aswell use Phx

PHX. Easier to work with. Textures nicer. Smaller props = more detail.

I also do not know if that can be considered a “house”. It is a hollow structure filled with nothing.

I love it, now when are you making that space station? xD anyways as stated few post above me, dont use that material, it makes your house look like some military bunker thing o_O

almost without phx.ITS IMPOSSIBLE

I actually really like it. It’s a hell of a lot better than most shitty ‘RP houses’ which consist mainly of 4 corrugated iron sheets stuck together. The front door mechanism is neat and i love the control panel idea.

Eject rulez. Rest of the house is like… I dunno know, too smal for my taste. Nice blast door

How did you get the holograms to be solids?

He didn’t?

From what I understood he used holograms just aesthetically and used vanilla props (blastdoors lol) to actually make the solids.

Anyway nice house, I love the functioning parts of your buildings, clever if not cheating use of the space under the displacements.

Still can’t understand why you don’t use phx though, it would be easier than using holograms :smile:

I think it should play a sound clip of this:

Awesome ejector!