Construct Personnel Fort.

This is a personnel for I’ve been working on for about three days. It includes:
*An outdoor restaurant center with a vending machine/headcrab cooker along with some tv’s.
*Long row of bunkers that each have a usable ipod that plays music, a oxygen spawner that acts as a grenade launcher, and some security cameras.
*A huge Chessboard.
*Private Weapons Store.
*Multi-Colored Zombie Room


Looks like a museum


Besides the fact that people will give you boxes to put your save in, i kinda like it.

Best fort I’ve ever seen.


Quick question, how long have you actually had gmod?


With your skill I would just like to know.

about 2 years.

Could you give me a link to the awesome jeeps you have? I would love to have them. XDXXDXDXDXDXDXDxdxd

You’re actually pretty good at interiors. Which is weird for gmod…
I’ll hire you if I need some furniture in… something lol

He’s trolling you.

I’m not. Sure my forts aren’t the best but still. I HAVE had Gmod for about 2 years, it’s just that most of the time I used it for comic making.

I like your lua errors. Best part of the fort!

Could you link some of these “comics” of yours?

If they’re any good, you may be excused.

There is a comics section?

Videos would be far more amusing, but it wasn’t the most horrible thing I’ve seen :smiley:

wow how did you build that chess board?

Though I dont reccomend it at all, if your going to make a fort, make it intependant of the map. It would make it a hole lot better. Though still, The only reason I see to build a fort is for fort wars.

Let me get this straight…You made 2 threads about the same thing? The only difference I see is that you added materialized some props.

Why didn’t you just update you OP in your first thread? Edit button FTW bro. Come on.

I said ^you’re^ late

because I don’t like your face palm picture
that is anime you silly

and also this one mostcertainly has a lab

Well I’m sooooo sorry that I was drinking beer and lighting mortars on the forth of July. Forgive me for being America. I didn’t have time to lurk.

This thread doesn’t deserve a Captain Jean-Luc Picard facepalm…Just pitiful.

I was talking about MacHaddock.****[URL=“”]

What is this, I didin’t even…
I built these kind of things when I just bought gmod. LOL