Construct texture base.

I’ve noticed that almost all construct maps use a very narrow range of textures for the grass, concrete, ceiling, roofs, walls, etc. What are the various textures used in gm_construct?

Use custom ones.

It will make your map look better.

But I want to get the ‘construct’ look.

No you dont.
you will just get flamed if you do, we have enough construct maps.

That wasn’t the question. You could always decompile the map, but that may not be recommended.

Get gcf and extract the files from the materials/gm_construct ?

I could just be making one for personal use.

So use dev textures if it’s just for you.

Why do you want this “construct look” anyway?

It’s not some kind of fetish is it?

Why does it have to be dev if I’m using it for myself? Release isn’t the only reason something can look nice.

I like the way construct looks, is there something wrong with that?

Construct maps let a new mapper learn about brushwork and try it out in interesting ways…if he tries to start with a roleplay thing he will most likely give up on mapping as a whole.

Dude, just help him instead of troll him.

Sirrus you can find the Construct textures in the garrysmod content.gcf You need GCF Scape which lets you open it.

Make your way to the materials folder, select the gm_construct folder, drag and drop it into your games materials folder, load up hammer and you are set!


So apparently I’m dumb for helping people :hurr:

OK, but if he’s practising his brush skills, why not learn how to make custom textures at the same time?

Because he doesn’t want to learn how to make a custom texture?

He want access to the construct textures.





Sirrus just do what I said and ask a mod to lock this or something.

I’m sorry, OK.

I just find custom textures rewarding and thought he might want to give it a go.

Custom textures are not needed to make a map look good, and if not made correctly can make a map look shit. Lose that attitude please.

Just ignore ZOMG, he’s the village idiot of the mapping section


I mean that in the best way possible

Filter “plasterwall” “concrete” and “brick” in your texture browser. You should be able to find all the construct textures very quickly, they’re the most common textures used to date.

Hey yukes :smiley: