ConstructDM - Is this worth continuing?

  • Cash-based weapon unlock system.
  • Simple prop protect system
  • Buyable perks, specials, etc

Here’s what I have so far:

  • All CSS weapons made with custom bases
  • Laser based crosshairs
  • BuildMode: Godmode until you pull a weapon out or damage anything
  • Fancy knife: Uses loops to apply damage, always registers. Knife crosshair changes colors with your laser crosshair
  • Screen interpolates into black and white with your health
  • Your aim sways with low health
  • Players spawn with 100 shield
  • Fancy HUD: Includes ammo, health, and shield displays, while remaining minimal.
  • Awesome weapon base: Dynamic recoil, customizable laser, jamming, etc.
  • Laser’s color is persistent: Won’t reset when you leave the server.
  • Independent grenade base.
  • Custom skin on “Impact Grenade”
  • Fancy effects for spawning, and exiting buildmode.**
  • Fucking awesome fragmentation shotgun
  • WIP Random item spawning system**

Continue this. i see potential.

cool, keep up the work mayne

I hardly see this having any use for a game mode, I mean some custom made SWEP’s, a little bit of HUD make-up and a bunch of minority stuff, I just think it lacks any real necessary.
No offence but what is this supposed to be used for, as I said it’s nothing really surprising that that have not been done already in sort of way but I seem to lack the use of this.

It can be used for fun.

Why does something have to have a use? Why can’t it just be there? I mean come on, look at Macs. They’re useless and aren’t good for anything too.

It’s sandbox with a deathmatch element… How much of a point does it need to make?

Don’t worry, it’s not very overpowered.

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What the fuck did youtube do to my video?

I like what you have done so far, I would just like to make a small suggestion: Currently you automatically enter deathmatch mode when you pull out a weapon or do any sort of damage but I think it would be best to use a simple vgui menu to do that instead. You can easily void any damage builder’s do deathmatchers and vice-versa and if you’re not already you should look into gmod 13 beta, there’s a nice context menu bar up top for adding a simple option like that. Other than that keep up the good work :smiley:

There is a button in the options bar to disable it too

Please don’t give up on this!

Status update:

Travelling to California, will get back in about four weeks. I will be working on ConstructDM, just not as much. Someone help me decide what kind of data storage I should use. Narrowed it down to either SQLite (Built in databases, no configuration) or a file system (via “file” library). Very much leaning towards SQL due to the fact that it is much simpler and faster. Now I just need to learn SQL :expressionless:

HUD is kinda square-ish… But yeah, don’t stop developing the gamemode!

Status update: My computer just bluescreen’d. I’ll upload constructdm to dropbox just in case, but if my computer dies, ConstructDM is gonna take an extra few… I don’t know. More time.

The gamemode does have potential. I haven’t seem a deathmatch gamemode in Garry’s mod for a long time. This feels along the lines of stronghold with its own elements mixed it, it could potentially be very fun. Also it seems your video isn’t filling the entire screen. If you’re using Adobe Premiere right click the clip and hit “Scale to frame size”.

Fixed computer. Starting development again today. Hooray for ConstructDM.

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It’s working now. Just need to add detection to see if it’s in the skybox or not.

Well, I just watched your gameplay video.

ConstructDM - Is this worth continuing?


I see you’re a friendly fellow.