Constructing a mesh from triangle data (plane, svec, tvec)

Asked this on the Reverse Engineering Stack Exchange although nobody has been able to come up with an answer. ( I chose not to be too specific there to avoid a certain entity cough from possibly stumbling across it.

Basically what the issue is that I am trying to construct a mesh from some structures in Black Ops 2 that form the collision surface for models. I used Lime (shoutout to Tom Crowley, love you :goat:) to export static models from a map but they do not come with their respective collision models, hence I need to obtain them myself. You can find the structures in question in the above link with some dumped information. If anyone can figure out or let me know how to convert those structures into a triangle list that would be great.

Here’s an image of the model for reference:

If you are wondering what this is for, it’s for this. I could just decimate the existing mesh from the exported models as a substitute for the collision model but I would prefer to stick to the original one from the game.

Thanks. :dance: