Construction Bug, advice needed

So it started out when I made a ceiling piece and tried to place it, the screen froze and yet my mouse was able to move around and I was unable to place the ceiling piece. Now I’m having it again with some pillars. Now in between the 1st ceiling piece and these pillars I have placed some foundation pieces and pillars also.

Any ideas?

Reload Game.

ok, will do (crafting stuff atm so will be in a few mins) however between the 1st problem with the ceiling piece and the second issue with the pillars I have not logged once :confused:

how can you craft atm, servers are Down no one can get in!

i guess he no log out when serv off and play solo + waste time, bcu wipe is comming… :smiley:

lol seriously? Wipe coming? lol oh well. Took me 3 days to finally get slightly orientated and find a calm place, just started building my first house lol

Oh well, thats Alpha testing for ya

You have a great attitude, different than most people (the ones that don’t understand what alpha means). And in my past experiences, during map wipes, you kept your position, so you should still be in that “calm place”. But don’t quote me on that, that was just what my experience was like for my first map wipe.

the server hit its max amount of network id tags. it’s because a lot of people use doors and/or multiple barricades to cover up doorways and windows because walls are broken. that and people think it’s fun to build 50 story tall towers made up of hundreds of stairs and pillars.