Construction in dungeon

Greetings to all!
Immediately apologize for my English, it is necessary to use the Google translator.
I want to touch on, dungeon.

  1. Very often in the dungeon area build towers to “sniper” with bolty could have fun.
  2. Often large groups of players simply twine dungeon walls, and deny new source of loot players and drawing fragments.
    I believe that these problems make the gameplay more boring, because the dungeon is the point of contact between players that can both fight and find the overall game.

I see the solution to this problem - around the dungeon, increasing the degree of rotting buildings to decay timer was lower and decay rate is higher, thus, it remains possible to build towers and walled dungeon, but it will be very expensive.

Please treat with understanding, all thanks!

won’t be as much of an issue when radiation is fixed:)

Well radiation correction terms, we do not know, and whether radiation at all dungeon?
The fact that the shielding walls dungeon, the player receives the exclusive control of oil production. Developers brought them out of the craft, to avoid continuous operation of mining CAREER.
With online players on the server 200, it is built right 2-3 dungeon, and the gameplay becomes wildly boring.

really all indifferent to these issues? :pwn:

Yes the faster rotting would be great so the monuments wouldn’t get filled up with buildings.

I am surprised that the community has the passive position in terms of the problems described . Just the solution I have proposed , the most painless . I want to resort to the dungeon and see where other players . Now I just run dodging bullets "snipers " on the towers or watching construction of the dungeon , a group of 6-10 people

I know it makes no sense, but instead of player damage, that radiation would affect building decay.
2x, 3x faster, or?

wow, so many bumps lol.

i agree that radiation should probably affect building health too, but personally i think we should be able to build ANYWHERE provided we can A) provide sufficient resources, B) have sufficient space and C) defend it.

If you rely on logic - that is not forbidden is allowed, you’re right.
I consider this position as a whole for the project, it was interesting to play everyone - both solo players and groups of players need a lot of common ground.
And these points at the current time are the dungeon.