Construction/Industrial Vehicles.

Got a modeler, Thanks.
Please lock.

Which game are you mapping for? Because I’m fairly certain L4D/2 have some construction vehicles.

It’s for EP2, i dont have L4D/2, Hense the reason im asking.

I beleive Shotgunguy ported a Front Loader from Condition Zero… I think.

Ok, but i need all of the ones there for my map, anyone willing to make them for me ?
Or where can i find models that are already made like these…

I know some GTA:San Andreas models of diggers and things have been ported into Gmod (as usable vehicles even), but I have no idea where to get them.

The pictures are real 3D models, but i dont know how to get them without paying $799.99

I will give the website shortly.


There possibly could be some sort of reward for whoever makes these.

What kind of reward?