Construction Model pack

I just thought I should let you guys know that I am currently working on a model pack similar in nature to the “Hunter” construction blocks and PHX. I’m just doing it for fun but it should be out within a month. I plan to fill in the gaps that hunter missed, like the fact that a lot of measurements are missing (15x15x15,17x17x17, etc.). I also hope to have a larger selection of primitives and shapes as well as lots of misc. objects and stuff. If you have any ideas or suggestions they are welcome.
Thanks for reading

This will be the thread for all updates and news on it.

Update 1
yay first update :3 in the past 2 days i have done 40 models, i am currently working on the base construction stuff like 1x1x1 1x1x2 1x1x3 and so on, here is a screen shot of a comparison between the size of mine and Hunter`s

And this is a preview of the texture

I’m probably going to change it though to a better colour and make it clear which lines are a 1x1x1 section. the only future problem I am foreseeing is the quantity of models, just think I’m probably going to go up to a 20x20x20 size with everything in between, if my maths is correct that’s 2000 models, wait that’s not right, hmmm. If you happen to be glancing at this post and know how many models there would be for what I’m planning to do please post it <3 the problem isn’t the time it takes to make them it’s the sheer size of the model pack (MB/GB)
Thanks again for reading! If you have read it that is

Like, I know you’re doing this for fun and to help the community, but it’s really not needed. Maybe make some other, more specific build props?

lol, i probably should have checked if anyone else is doing it before i started :L thanks for letting me know before i got too caried away :slight_smile:

No problem mate, now go make something else that’s awesome :slight_smile: