Construction models ?

Can anyone give me a link for construction models which are ready for use in hammer, it would be greatly appreciated :v:


I need models of construction vehicles and equipment, where can i get them?
Sorry, should have make Op clearer.


You still don’t make sense.

Oh my god :sigh:
Im looking for models of construction vehicles and equipment to put into my map, where can i find models like that to download? :holy:

You made sense the second time.

There’s some good stuff from L4D1 and L4D2 in the construction site.

There’s also a ver’ nice digger from The Passing.


And I know you have L4D2.

or you can request someone to make them in models section.

Only have L4D. And arleitiss i would ask you but everytime ive been talking to you on steam you’ve acted weird.

Well considering that I was playing my favorite game (AC2) which I finished already, I wouldn’t want to stop playing it at that time.


Ah. Goood luck with that. No seriously, I’m offering money, and I still don’t have any takers.

PM me what you want to be done and I might make it. Bcus when I feel money, I feel like superman :3: