Construction/raiding balance

The game needs balance between construction and raiding, because it takes too much time to build a decent house, but is too easy to raid, is really frustrating when you build a good home and you get raided anyway

Nowadays you need too much materials to do a part of the home, it should need lesser materials, because of what i said before, and because you take a low amount of material per hit with the basic tools… even with the steel hatchet you take just 25 of wood… is really anoying to get wood because of that

Armored boxes would be nice, so your stuff would be a little better protected (assuming those boxes are equipped with codelocks :)).

I hope the new flags replace the cabinets. They can be hoisted and flag raised to claim an area as yours. An enemy would then have to remove the flag, then replace the flag (BF4 style but you click it instead of stand next to it).

And throwing this out there but maybe when a person joins your cabinet or flag your buildings gain more durability or the range for ladder use increases?

I disagree. As a raider you can spend 10 c4 to break through a base, just to see that it has nothing of value. On the other hand you can hack through only one wooden door and loot a ton of resources.

As you get more experience you can build bases that difficult to raid and it is annoying to raid them :slight_smile:

But there’s one thing that works not very well in Rust, it is repairing your base after raid. We all saw huge amount of abandoned bases just because owners can’t repair them properly, for example they can’t replace walls or ceilings as building suddenly lacks stability.