Construction Times

Having spent hours appropriating a certain circular stone formation near the bottom of the current map, only to have those hours washed away with one person wielding a shotgun, having been able to simply drop a set of stairs just outside the building, would it be possible to take into consideration a construction time for placing buildings?

Before I’m attacked with “just get better” or “that’s the game” I’m doing just fine, and that isn’t the game. The game is supposedly delving into what realism would occur in these settings, and while placing objects quickly and easily is convenient, placing them down immediately is neither realistic nor fair to anyone. I’m not talking about extreme build times, but something along the lines of 1-2 minutes, enough time that would allow the other person to become aware of what was happening, and give them a fair shake at dealing with the problem.

Much of the “realism” in this game flies out the window when you’re tossing in C4, grenades, M4’s and MP5’s before even adding a simple in-game map, or a compass. It seems as though there’s little thought put into the actual survival of a single person, or the creation and insurance of a group’s survival. Players are consistently rewarded by being absolutely ruthless towards one another, and while yes, that is a facet of the game, and is to be expected, it should not be promoted above other playstyles, nor should those who choose to play the game in a more peaceful/defensive way be persecuted.

Last night, during the downtime, there was a question tossed about in the dev test server: Should killstreaks be added?

Why? What actual purpose would that serve this particular game? None, outside of rewarding the deathmatchers who march around in large numbers picking off literally anyone, regardless of whether or not they’ve had enough time to actually build something for themselves. At the rate this game appears to be going, without the proper additions to regulate the imbalance of death, creation and defense, it won’t be living up to the idea that was clearly set in place during its inception.

But hey, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is just a deathmatch game with some building mechanics. If that’s the case, go for it.

tl;dr: 1-2 minute construction times on build objects that aren’t the starter shack, better balance between murder and survival, less rewards for the former.

Just get better.

I love the idea of stopping instant building, but I would change it like this.

Instead of crafting the items, you would simple choose the option and place it where you want. It would then take the same time that it used to take crafting as long as you have the required materials in your inventory.

So, same time as now, but you have to stay where you are and wait for it to complete (or move and have it cancel)

This is a great idea.

Perfectly refined. This would go far towards balance.

That idea would be horrific… If it takes you 30 minutes to build a house instead of prebuilding parts to put up the house, then what’s stopping those deathmatchers of just killing you midway into build and griefing it lol…

If you want to stop people from building staircases outside to jump in then simply put foundations with pillars in the center of it 2 pillars high.


Spam those spiked walls in front of your house to prevent any building space. There problem solved!


I absolutely agree with this. If a raider is using this technique, he would have to stand in the open while building a defensive wall. If he is unnoticed, THEN he can hide while building the foundation for 60 seconds, then stairs… then stairs again, then stairs again, all while trying to defend his position.

An addition though: Building structures would also make a “hitting planks and nails with a hammer” noise, so the people inside can figure out whats up and take action.

And what’s wrong with it taking you some time to build a house?

Building a house based on 4 foundations would take around 10-15min to complete and whilst still not realistic, it’s a lot better than walls magically appearing in front of you.

Not sure where that 30 minutes came from. The idea is to instead give you the option of placing a building, and when you commit to its placement, engage in a building lock that would take the same amount of time as it currently does to build. The only difference? You can’t build a ton of stairs, walls, whatever, and toss them down at a moment’s notice.

This thread isn’t about how to circumvent the construction of stairs in their current state, it’s about how to add more depth to the gameplay of a survival based game. When knights sieged castles, did you see them instantly drop a battering ram or raise ladders? Well, bad example, because technically those items were prebuilt, but in the time it took to produce them on the field, the others were made aware of their existence (unless done in a stealthy manner). What this suggestion does is take that small amount of production time and apply it to creating structures.

You do have a point though, and I will be using that tactic from now on when building. This is merely an idea to consider.

Where I got 30 minutes was from this post. It takes 1 minute to craft ceilings… If you were going to build a big secure base thats around 4-5 stories you would have to craft atleast 40+ ish ceilings. Not including the 30 second walls and I believe 1 or so minute foundations? I couldn’t imagine myself building for nearly an hour to build a big base while having to defend it for that long against any raid squad or death squad roaming around in a valley. It’s simply imbalanced to this idea.

This style for new players is just in the long run too toxic to implement. I dont care about those small 3x3 2 story houses that takes literally 4 c4 and you’re in their loot room. Stop jumping to conclusions and think about the topic before getting on a band wagon of an idea.

PS. And for the love of christ, stop throwing the realism term around like its supposed to justify an imbalanced idea. Think about the balance it would have on players who want big bases to secure TONS of things. They would literally be building for hours upon hours not even being able to leave the area until it is finished building. Which is why prebuild parts to shoot up a house is VITAL to success and to prevent greifing.

This wouldn’t “imbalance” anything, just give you more work to do, and make bigger buildings more of an achievement to make. At the moment you can build a 6 story clan building in less than 3 hours with just one person building, it’s ridiculous!

There is NOTHING is this game that requires more than a few hours to get.

But I guess that’s the nature of this generation, instant gratification, no effort needed, give me everything now!

I get the cry of “thy showed up and built a way into my house as I was shooting them now I’m dead” it’s understandable. But with walls we have now - Spiked and soon to have - metal - not adding in the old fashion “foundations” around your base this problem can be stopped and/or slowed down.

To have a idea of building it in real time or locking a player into place as a box builds its self is just asking for more problems. You will come back the day of or week of this and go “this sucks I get shot as i build my base or shack and can’t defend my self” or “a wolf bit me as my wall was going up &^%$ that was 30 seconds I have to wait over”.

Jerks would love this system, BANG let it almost be done BANG let it almost be done BANG!

Too much pain to do it this way then what you want fixed.

Why would you be building a base on your own… The bigger the build, the more friends you need fetching resources. If this new system was implemented it would be in everyone’s interest to guard the builder/s and promote more teamwork.

I’m happy with the current system, but would also love a more time consuming option.

I’m not the norm but if a game is set up to were I need to spend my first hour + finding people to help me play it, thats a flaw. If I can’t do something like build a shack with out a “buddy” we got a new problem.

Alone I can build a good 3X3 two floor pad with little problems. YES I get killed and I get raided but I don’t put all my stuff in one spot so my loss is little. That and it feels like the game (at the moment) is alot about re-gathering lost goods.

But to make it were I can’t lone wolf do to the fact that if I build a base I’m rifle fodder is kinda BS.

If you want the game to be team based then it should be “you” getting your team to stay around you more often so that when some one comes a raiding you and your friends can yell “hi” with your shotguns!