Construction workers have no lives: A retrospective of buildngs and RP

Nachos are the choice food of construction workers.

May I ask? What did you accomplish from this? It’s funnier to at least get yourself unstuck first, then us ePHX bombs too kill people to trap em in spawn =O


You wanna cry a bit, hmm? You wanna spawn a building right in front of me?

this is a work of art

I went on an rp server for the first time today. I kept getting killed by people who then cried when i killed them back claiming i was DM’ing but it was okay for them coz they were criminals. Gosh RP really has gone downhill.

That was funny.
The conversation is what makes it interesting.

I still wonder why the kid says “Wooho! i get a cellphone” at 4:34.

how true

jetboom you know
aimbotting is butthurt.
also that guy sucks at making insults.

Who’s the dumb ass talking?