Construction zone with a bit of Mirror's Edge touch

** UPDATE* I lost interest in the map T_T You can download the brushes in vmf format here**
About the map:
** The map will be a construction zone (as the name suggests it) that takes place on top of some buildings and partially inside them. The map will have 2 versions, one for gmod (this one will feature the ability to go down on the streets and it will contain more rooms) and the other one for a multiplayer Source game.

**Initially, I wanted to make it a normal construction zone (like this, but then I remembered that Mirror’s Edge had some nice construction zones, also some nice cranes. So I searched for some images and I chose this :

God I hated that level in Mirror’s Edge.

Crane looks nice so far, you’ll probably want to align/rotate the textures to make them fit better - but I suspect that will be on your agenda along with replacing dev textures.

Of course. More pics coming soon.

Very nice, looking forward to this.

Really nice crane. keep going with this.

Why are you using strange bottom loading BMP’s?

I hated that level.

Nice crane by the way.

I just finished making some detail brushes.

Are you going to use propper on those detail objects or just func_detail them

I love Mirrors Edge. Best of luck.

On an unrelated note, how cool would Mirror’s Edge have been if it had a freeroaming world?

I’ll think about that later.


Looking good. Love the crane, Keep up the good work.

You may want to take a look at GPK_Freecity_final, it looks similar to the level you’re working on. Your stuff looks really cool, if you’re doing a freerun/parkour map (There’s a Gmod gamemode for it as well) you should make it really big, and put run locations throughout the map, not just on roofs.

Probably a lot like Assassins Creed, only first person.

Map looks great, OP.

I love the dev look.

that crane look Fexy.[Fucking sexy]

I would love to use this map when it is released

Ill be posting some more screenshots Sunday. Gonna start the work on the first building.

When I open the thread I saw the Mirrors edge picture and at first I thought it was the map XD. But great crane, love to see the map when its done

Or you could just learn to port models from ME…

Hey guys! Here’s another small update (Now it’s bug free. I had this annoying error D:)