Constructive discussion: PVE servers, should they be lawless or not?

I’ve been playing on the PvE server and I’ve enjoyed my game alot.
So recently, there have been more and more raiders and griefers on the PvE server who just abuse the no-pvp element.
After all, they can now raid a house without being butchered like dogs by their far superior counterparts: The full kevlar squad.

This has lead to a discussion on the PvE server:
Many people who came here did so because they want to avoid the raids and are simply looking to build and survive peacefully.
They point to morals as rules.
‘the PvE community obviously doesn’t want raiders here, so you shouldn’t do it.’

On the other hand, there are also many players who feel that what you can or can’t do is only decided by wether or not a magical barrier (aka. game code) is preventing you to.
In other words, ‘I’m doing this because I can.’

This has lead to serious tensions in the community, swearing, and there are even people quitting the game because of it.
My question to you guys is, do you think that the difference between what is and is not okay is decided by what the game code allows you to do?
Or do you feel like there are such values as morals and common sense that should be applied?

Is it okay to raid people on a PvE server?
Is it okay to grief random houses on a PvE server?
And the worst and most common form of griefing: Is it okay to lock people up?

(This happens ALOT. The attacker places a wooden shed + door over someone’s head.
While the victim is locked up and trying to get out, the attacker places a (metal) foundation beneath them and places metal walls and a ceiling, effectively sealing the victim in.
Unless they have c4 with them, they’re stuck untill another player or decay frees them).

I think this conflict is essentialy about the concept of Rust as a game.
To what extend should there be ‘admin interference’ in an open world game such as Rust?
(I personally feel this ‘locking up’ should be stopped)


suicide in console.

Why is your post like a poem?

I have a thread going where there is a lot debate over this topic.

Personally I believe that raiding is part of the game atm (I say atm cause its alpha and everything is subject to not being part of the game in the end, so I understand). Griefing on the other hand, from what I understand and agree with, is not an intended part of any game that I know of, including this one. I am hoping for something to be implemented so that discourages this, or a game mechanic that prevents griefing of player structures at least in PvE.


Raiding is most certainly part of the game. But no-PvP changes that. Rather, SHOULD change that.

Basically, without fear of being killed, you have all the time in the world to break in somewhere, no matter if the owner is online or not. I would agree with much less damage done to structures if there were more strict rules on decay. PvE is meant as an alternative to fighting other players constantly, in oppose to simply giving everyone god mode.

I would say this:
Normally, raiding is part of the game. Actually, it’s a BIG part of the game. It’s almost a game mechanic.
So long as you can defend yourself.

Once you cannot possibly defend yourself (no matter how powerful you are), it ceases to be “just part of the game”. At that point the resulting frustration can only be called griefing.

That’s actually an interesting point…