Constructive feedback and Suggestions

Some things i realy think needs to be changed along with some sugsetions to new fetures.

Defenetly Needed:

  • Map and Compas ( Needs to be craftable and should only reval locations you have explored. )
  • Posebilaty to make groups / guilds.
  • The abilaty to add players / groups to buildings and/or doors. ( So we don`t need 12 doors so we all can have the same house. )
  • Dye for gear as its wery hard to tell friend from foe. ( And will add even more depth to the game. )


  • Traps ( pressure pad and/or trip wire. )
    - Presure pad.
    - Trap doors
    - “digged” graves with spikes. ( Trap door ftw. ).
    - Sentry Guns to place on roofs and stuff. ( This will balance the lack of risk for players raiding offline players. ).
  • Electric Generator.
    - Electric Generator ( needs fuel. ).
    - Ligting For housing.
    - Fual ( like gas or somthign of that nature, you allrady got the tanks on the map. ).
  • Night Vision Gogels.
  • Buildings .
    - We need more building items.
    - More Building styles the square box gets old fast…
    - Metal Bars, Window Glass, Bullet Proof Glass for windows…
    - Removable objects \ movable placed objects…
    - AND THIS IS IMPORTANT! The foundations are not intelegent to fix in possision.
    - What i mean is that if you cant find a REALY FLAT surfice you cant build much of anything.
    - We need to be able to raise and lower the foundations better so we can get the building experience am sure you had in mind.
  • Am sure i will think of more as soon as i post this ( updateding on will )

In general we need more things to build and craft.
Also we need more veriaty of items for housing and not to mention house securety.
Also some objectives that requier a long term envestment, as the game is right now i cant see any other thing to do. Then raid other players, dont get me wrong thats great, but atm its missing something to get you striving.

Thanks for reading.